2 Options For Making Your Bookkeeping Easier, Faster, Simpler.

1. Digital Bookkeeping

Digitalize the receipts, invoices, etc. in your Shoebox and send them to us.

2. Traditional Bookkeeping

Simply pass your Shoebox filled with receipts, invoices, etc. and we'll take it from there.

Digital Bookkeeping?

Step 1.

You add all your receipts to your cloud storage service of choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and let me know when they’re ready to look at.

Step 2.

I work my magic in QuickBooks Online.

Step 3.

I give you back a set of filed returns and audit-ready books!

Digital Bookkeeping – How to
Digital Shoebox owner Nic Carper.

Nic Carper


About Us

In 2017 I launched Digital Shoebox in order to reconnect with the reason I became drawn to accounting in the first place: bookkeeping is really fun and relaxing! (Yes, seriously.)

In the past, I've worked with CPA firms, tax prep offices, and registered charities. I've prepared financial statements and I've participated in audits on both sides of the desk. Throughout all that, I found that the most meaningful relationships with my clients arose from taking care of their books for them. It was always such a joy to see the relief on their faces when they received a neat, organized set of books at the end of the month. By focusing my practice entirely on bookkeeping, I hope to create as much peace and calm as possible for my clients.

What our clients say

We have been working together since 2014, and I completely trust Nic with my books. He is on the ball, provides a relaxed atmosphere, but still get things done in a timely manner. I could not run my business without him in my corner.

Dr. Tonia Winchester | Client Testimonial for Digital Shoebox
Dr. Tonia Winchester Naturopathic Doctor